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On Our website i have the 4r019, the one we have off Sks and not on the website i have also have one like it that unmarked that works locks from fast key sure its the P4R18. we also have another of ronis for locks we got done but so far not seen any other locks it has worked in and i am also out of stock of the Garran the now.

Typical Ronis with the master keys just like the CC range there is a number of them. 



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That's one we have on our Website, but their are 3 more others that i know off,

This turns the 4R Locks that we generally sell to Financial Institutions.  the locks we have are what i belived to be  elite lockers but we have had customers tell us that this master key does not turn their locks. 

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Here's a solution for someone needing these keys.. jma RO41... thin down the side with the jma logo and from the tip bring the shoulder on the bottom of the key back a couple of mil.  Then use the bottom shoulder as a stop in the machine, cut. Make sure the few mill behind the top and bottom shoulder are the same height as original (and tapered)key or they fill not fully go into lock.







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