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Spare Ford Tibbe key £25 !??

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4 minutes ago, cobblers.keys said:

Customer came into me today asking my price for a Renault key my machine says use an id46 chip. He said that he has had one done at T's cost £69.95?

ID46 is £69.95 but Ford Tibbe is 4D chip, their price is lower and price is fluctuating all the time.

 I have heard many different prices for Ford Tibbe keys that is why I asked here..

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On 7/22/2020 at 8:45 PM, exp121260 said:

Had a customer today wanting a spare Ford Tibbe key and said Timpson's quoted him £25 including programming. 

Can Timpson guys on here confirm if this is the case.. 

New member here, just stumbled across this forum this morning while looking for something online. I work for them and have done for 5 years l, and in the Notts area for the last 2 years, I can confirm the correct pieces for a tibbi key should be... 

£11.00 Non-chipped 

£59.95 Chipped 

£95 - For the old style 3 Button Remote.

2nd copy available half price for all of the above. 

Hope that clears things up :) 

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On 7/22/2020 at 9:00 PM, Count Muppet said:

Not an offer I’m aware of currently.

we did do this around 10 years ago though.

what area are you in?

I was told it's up to the 'Manager' of the shop, years ago guy here was doing heels at 50P YES 50P! 

so depending on the competition they can charge whatever they want.

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Think they call that sort of thing a “loss leader”

you sell something people want at a slight loss to get them into the shop to buy other things at the right prices.

im not aware of any of our shops doing this but could be wrong. I suppose some of us are fighting to keep ourselves off the streets these days and could be willing to try anything

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7 hours ago, grahamparker said:

We did stilleto heels for 99p back in 1986/87 and it was mental. We where doing over 500 pairs a day some days back then and most bought keys and other things while waiting.

It set our business on the path to where we are now.

Were they for the oil rig workers. ?

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