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Abrites Avdi wanted

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you wont find many full abrites around , the full deal was many years ago and most wont have bought all the licences released since this as wont use them all .

i havnt seen a full abrites for sale in 8 years and havnt seen a well loaded one in 2 years .

good luck in search though

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there is one for sale in northern ireland , it was a full when the full deal was on 8 to 10 years ago , but hasnt been kept fully up to date but is well loaded . unsure of price , but the guy selling one is called barry  , Autokeys NI , email is autokeyni@gmail.com 

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this is considerably cheaper when on one of their 4 or 5 promotions and at a show price . most who have had this since before the full deals have spent double that amount to get similar coverage.

give barry an email , hes retiring so selling his kit , but knows its value so is working with it part time until sold for the figure he has in mind for it , its very well loaded but wont be cheap i suspect .

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