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Loss of tool database

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As of late every time I boot up my GS7 on windows 7 my tool database only shows default. Anything loaded the last time is gone and it does not let me add any, I have to open up a saved file for it to tell me that the tool don't existing and do i want to load them.

Any ideas?

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The database is corrupt. 

Check in c:/gravostyle7000/config for the file. It has a dbt extension. I think it's GStooldatabase.dbt or something. 

There should also be a fresh backup copy there. 

Delete the corrupt one and make a copy of the backup, renaming to match the original file name. 

Sorry I can't check the exact filenames right now. 



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I lost an installation of GS98 to HDD failure and, with it, lost a TLSDB.INI that had a tonne of Gravograph six digit numbered tools corresponding to .005, .010, ..., and diamond. I never built those tools myself so it must have been from the original installer years ago when we bought it from NH. I have no idea how to specify tool characteristics to rebuild the tools I need manually. Reinstalling GS98 on another machine brought back a basically empty TLSDB - default & braille. 

How can I get at those .010 et cetera definitions for an old GS98 installation?


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I'm afraid the default installation only contains those few tools.

I do not have access to any complete tool databases.

Building your own tools seems simple enough - in the tool database, select the first tab (conical cutter), enter the values, (width 4.36, angle 15 deg usually, but check for the tool you're adding, and tip size) then type a name and press Save.

It's possible that the sales men around the time of install had a file, but I don't have a record of it.

Maybe someone else on the forum is able to share theirs?

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