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Good …morning
We have been asked a few times about Lockexpo and Alexpo and what is happening…
We have tried to keep an open mind on the state of play. It is a difficult thing to call. Some countries are now going back into a second wave and if that hits the UK it will be a game changer.
So far September is off because the return to normal is much slower than we imagined the September Lockexpo/Alexpo has to be postponed the Hotel is not yet open and will need a deep clean, Many staff are still furloughed both at the hotel and by exhibitors, so getting a show on the road, adhering to whatever social distancing is required…. far too many bridges  – 
So we are now aiming at a new date for March 2021 20/21st (the weekend AFTER mothers day) Lockexpo will bounce back with a start 2021 the right way ( OK it’s March!) The sponsors will still be Autowave. It seems that social distancing, if we proceed on the PM’s roadmap and it all works, may be relaxed in the early spring. Winter is the crunch point for another spike.
We have to start planning NOW- When we have a firm Green for Go we will inform you all to register so that our data is fresh and we have all the correct If you know any traders that may like a stand send them our way. Be nice to have a really great show and get back to a better footing.
We wish you all a safe summer/Autumn and Winter - please feel free to chat to us on Facebook, Twitter or the Professional Locksmiths' Forum and keep us up to date with your own health.

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