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Can Central locking be programmed from shop?

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I work on my own in the shop and although I can program certain car keys from the shop using rw4 plus/mbox some customers only want new key with central locking system or like yesterday customers car doesn't have a door key hole so must have central locking key. With working on my own it would be difficult to leave the shop for more than a couple of minutes. So my I want to know is it possible to make a central locking key from inside the shop? 

Thanks again 

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26 minutes ago, cobblers.keys said:

So my I want to know is it possible to make a central locking key from inside the shop? 

For 98% of cars, no.  You need to do it in the car via OBD or manual procedure.

If you are working by yourself you need parking close by, a stock of all the different remotes and blades, machines to program the remotes, thousands of pounds of investment, and a stock of Valium for when things aren't going to plan.

I would not recommend this business model if you are working by yourself as it is not feasible if you run a busy shop.  In my opinion, the only way it would work is if you had other staff in the shop or a reliable auto locksmith partner that you could share the jobs and learn from.

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I would loved to have got into car key remotes, but reading posts on hear made me realise I have missed the boat and more importantly no knowledge and not the time to learn. I also think it is a money pit and the members who are experts have spent large amounts of money, hope this helps but just my opinion 

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We Have 2 shops that are 1 man shops and we do a lot of remote car keys. Most of the prep work we do in the shop and in most cases we are only away for the shop for 5 mins. The only car brand that takes longer is Opel they have a 10 min wait on doing the car key by ODB. Our shops are busy shops and we manage it very well. There is a lot of research needed to do the remote Keys. Knowing which key to pick the system it uses and so on. My boss man was like you nervous about closing the shop but it works very well.

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4 hours ago, k4mrc said:

how do the high street shops get on then?

one man working within it - I know they seem to manage doing them - so this is a great service your missding out on.

I do sell the boards with thew most popular on, and small out lay you will get the lot.

pm if you want pics etc

Yes please let me know how you do it. Thanks 

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