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Substitute blank for HARLEY DAVIDSON Silca HY11R

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What is the Year,  & Model  ??

What code series ??

94-11  Sportster model - X234 will not enter some newer keyways, X252 will enter but is too narrow.

An X234 not entering can be caused on new bikes by metal flashing left from manufacturing, many times BUT not always the blank can be pushed in & out to remove the flashing,

2012+ Sportser's use 4 new blanks





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Just now, grahamparker said:

Will the HY11R not fit ? when you say substitute do you mean other manufacturers references ?.

If you just need a blank i have some in stock if you want me to post them.

If you have some in stock Graham , I would be really grateful if you could send me 2 blanks.

I will message you my address again . 


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