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Howdy Folks,

Hope you and your family's are all safe and healthy,

These photos from another locksmith across the country from me ,

No information other then the photos so far and a possible logo on the dummy lock side,

Appears to be 10 bolts, no confirmation if it has shoot bolts as well,

Logo on dummy side appears to be a square with an ocean wave curl inside, I do not know if this is a real  logo or just a stylized decorative  design,

I have not dealt with multi round bolt types, and told him he will most likely need top remove the whole assembly and look for make, model, manufacturer and so on or any thing that can lead to a solution, as the main body is broken and he is looking for parts/new body,  but I said he will most likely need to replace the whole unit , told him to check the  door tops and hinges edges also,

As said I am sure he will need to pull the assembly to look for information,

Thanking You In Advance for any insight as to what to call this type lock assembly, will post more information as I get it if I do get any more..

I know it is not really anything to go on but wroth a shot to get started...

round 1.PNG

round 2.PNG

round 3.PNG

round 4.PNG

round 5.PNG

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Thank You for your responses thus far,

I have not seen any updates as yet on the locksmith forum,

I will keep checking, it is possible he is looking for more information before posting again

Again Thank You All,

Please stay safe and healthy

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Howdy Folks and Thank You Again,

It has been quite a while and unfortunately there has been no farther information forthcoming, so I guess it has been dropped,

Again Thank You for your responses and all the help in the past as well,

Stay safe and healthy out there 

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