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and that is the choice we all have , for some it makes financial sense to furlough and stay home , for some it doesnt , we all have the option to close or stay open including timpson , for them opening their branches in busy supermarkets makes sense and allows them to test there social distancing plans , ppe and whether viable , based on results i suspect will be the blueprint to plan the gradual return to operations.

its a personal choice and decision and what makes financial sense , at some point we must all plan our return and return to work , so timpson approach does make sense 

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On 4/26/2020 at 8:06 PM, da miller said:

now opening 40 instore units read news bbc

and how many people are walking past them?

never seen the supermarkets so busy, one my way was doing so badly they were cutting all the staff hours - within the year up to this they had 3 waves of stopping staff hours one person I know had been cut from 20 hours to 6!

now they have employed over 50 more full timers on temporary contracts and lifted the hours up on all that they cut before.

Government handing them golden nuggets every day.





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