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This is a nightmare my wife sent home from work (works in NHS doctors surgery) 2 surgeries looking after 20.000 patients has closed.

she has to self isolate now till a week on Friday, luckily in the email it said i can continue to carry on working.

as a small business if i had to close for XYZ amount of time could really damage my business.

so to all my fellow business owners on hear please take care and think about looking after yourselves as we are on the front line with customers coming into our shops and having no idea where they have been.

The whole thing only becomes a massive worry when it happens to you, and for me it looks like maybe it might happen to me.

so all the best everyone and will keep you posted on it


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17 hours ago, Lee said:

nothing to stop it, but reduced my spending in the last couple of weeks, in case I catch it & have to have time off. don't want bills to pay!

Really itching to do some buying, but trying to follow your advise. Just basics for the time being, until the epidemic is over, or we're all dead . Death would also hamper buying.

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27 minutes ago, hibsjo(SCO) said:

are you watching the stock market?

10% lost on my pension in the last 3 weeks!!!

long term its ok(assuming it doesnt become a pandemic) but is it a ploy for people(bankers) to make money

got more chance of winning the lottery i was told than catching it.

carry on!

I'm surprised you've not blamed Brexit for the virus. :smt077:-D


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The Government have announced measures that all workplaces with 10 employees or more are to have paid mandatory leave to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus starting from March 6, 2020.

All schools are to close for 2 weeks also from March 6th

Offices will resume after 2 weeks of the mandatory closure.

A list of all schools and businesses in your area is shown on the list.

Read the full article here:

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We don't have water in our small mobile unit.  We have sanitizing gel which is being used very frequently.    Looked for sanitizing wipes today and can't find any.  Washing hands with water at every opportunity I can.  

Do you spend less or do you increase stock while it's available is the question?  I don't know really.

Things is, although the risk and danger is low to most, unless you have health problems and the risk of catching may be low right now, if the infection spreads more will get it and more will die.  Ok so it may only be the elderly and sick, but personally, I would rather my mother didn't catch it and die.  So I'll do my bit to try and reduce risk.

To put things in perspective, Spanish Flu in 1918-20 had a 5-10% mortality risk and killed 17-50 million out of the 500 million that caught it.  Elderly, sick or not that's a lot of deaths and the world population was less that 2 billion and nowhere near the the travel opportunities then.

So, those figures are not quoted to scare or panic but to show why it may be a matter of concern.  I'm not panicking just being sensible about it. 

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We have locally the first site wide shut down of one of the uk's largest oil refineries in 20 years and they are going to be spending millions so stock availability is going to be massive for me.

They have already spent about £50k with us just getting ready for the shutdown so it could really impact my business but you cannot control these things you just have to crack on and make the best of a bad situation.

On a side note i wonder if they can make it a legal requirement to close even if proven you have the virus.

Morally you should but can they force you to close and would your customers desert you if they found out that you knowingly paassed it onto others.

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