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Gravograph LS100 Rotary Attachment

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Started Back to work after my battle with the big C, tried to engrave a glass on the rotary attachment on my LS100, does not rotate, but does really well cutting a glass in half. Any fixes out there or is it time to send back to Gravograph for an overhaul.

Do Gravo have a price list for works needed?


Steve T.

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Hi Steve, 

If it doesn't rotate it's one or more of the below.. 



Board inside machine. 


Because the board maybe faulty we'd need to see the whole machine. 

Callout and labour charges plus parts would probably put your repair cost to between 400 and 800 quid. 

(yes, I work for GV, but estimated pricing should not be read as anything offical. I am not a hardware engineer) 

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