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as in,  scooter, caravan/ /RV, padlock, carry boy, mail box ... ??

Brand / Manufacturer of what it fits ??

apparently one of the inexpensive Chinese scooters 2018 TaoTao ( model unknown ) is using a sidewinder key now as well,




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Looks like something horrible pumped out of China, the serif font stamp is a giveaway.

Looking at the picture, I was going to say how rare it is to have an internal and external track on the same key but it's not even a symmetrical cut so it must have 4 independent sets of sliders, suspiciously the image on the right has a uniform cut pattern, maybe they're all positive control cuts? I doubt it's for anything advance or important enough to warrant key control.

The best match I can find in terms of dimension are these 2 Kaba blanks where dimensions were mentioned (attached) and just mill it like crazy.


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