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Hello everyone 

i am new to the forum I am from London I have got one small shop where I do key cutting shoe and watch repairs and I am glad to say I am making profits but it’s with very hard work that I am doing.

i am here to get to know others and learn from their vast knowledge and give my thoughts wherever possible.

now (maybe) the most hated part to some of you will be that I have learned from timpson , And I haven’t done a bad job in learning from then(I think lol)

i hope no ones gets on to me because I am extimpson worker.

on this note my vallage back home is famous in the world for making hand made sandals lol.


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Welcome to the forum
Everyone started somewhere
Many members of this forum started where you were
Congratulations on the courage to go your own way

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Lol no I am from a city called Charsadda in Pakistan. Check it out. Next time I go there I will make a few videos and pictures of people making them. In all major cities there is a  cobbler centre in Pakistan called  “muchi Bazaar”. 



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