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Fire extinguisher base

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I've never had my extinguishers on a base. My train co landlord never mentioned it, and they are very on the ball with tenants being h & s compliant. Maybe because my shop is incredibly small. However during my last fire extinguisher service,( what always feels like I've given your extinguishers a clean and squiggle   on the side, all for only £50!) Firetechnics did mention it. I knew in the back of my head I should have them on a base, so I asked them to quote me. Two days later, they did. £184. First thought in my head.

" Well you can just f*** right off!"

Bought this base of Amazon, £25 total including signs.20190326_160318.jpg

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Linc fire brigade

Mounting Heights

The carrying handle of a portable fire extinguisher with a total gross mass of 4kg and above should be approximately 1 metre from the floor. The carrying handle of a portable fire extinguisher with a total gross mass of less than 4kg should be sited at 1.5 metres from the floor.

2 Extinguishers Mounted Side by Side

With one extinguisher total mass above 4kg and the 2nd extinguisher below 4kg, both extinguishers can be mounted on the wall at the heaviest extinguisher handle fixing height of 1 metre.

Fire Extinguisher Stands

Where fire extinguishers can not be wall mounted the use of fire extinguisher stands is recommended.

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On 3/31/2019 at 1:33 PM, cowers lane 583 said:

Bit annoyed with that, they really pushed the legality of it. Been with them twenty years, might need to shop around a bit for a new "supplier".

there all the same - every year the rep tells me we 'have to have two more' we have an upstairs as well, and expects me to fork out even more - this despite the fire departments free assessment of my shop stating we have MORE THEN ENOUGH!



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7 hours ago, Specialist1975 said:

Too high, too small and arguably not the best type indoors. Power makes a big f'ing mess!

Not as big a mess as a fire though, if your extinguisher has little effect in 1 minute, get out and stay out.

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H&S is a joke i once got an official warning (written) for having to many fire extinguishers !!  Apparently i would get confused on which one to use in a fire.

2 day later by chance the fire brigade were going around the industrial estate checking properties and they complimented me on being well stocked. Showed them the H&S notice and they were gobsmacked.

SO legally i had to get rid of some of my extinguishers or get fined.

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