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The profile is very similar to ya-281d (JMA) but that doesn't fit the lock. The Customers key is a bit thinner and shorter.

The Dimensions of the key are 37.5x8.75x2.38mm.

I've been looking myself and think the 'KGBM1' Gatemate key or ' wan-1d' Wanjin, might be suitable but i don't have in stock so I can't check atm.

Any thoughts?20181130_155650.jpg20181130_155451.jpg

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17 minutes ago, Count Muppet said:

I’ve been using the avocet pioneer blank for a lot of this type of key when they aren’t branded

i didn't think of that one lol. 

Looked like a good match too but it is over 5mm too short :(

or would that not matter?

Could i cut it on the A9 Miracle?

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On 11/30/2018 at 7:44 PM, grahamparker said:

Have a look under Hooply for a cutting card there is an 8 pin version and 3 7 pin versions. Some decode fine on my Triax but others don’t so I cut them manually on the Magnum.

Hooply, doesn't seem to appear on the A9 miracle :(

I think i should maybe invest in a Magnum now

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22 hours ago, pomsecurity said:

If hooply is on instacode you can add the details to the a9 yourself 

You have the instacode details can you pass them on to me please so I can add them to my machine 


wow, I didn't know you could do that. Hopefully i'll manage to add the data to my machine :)

It will be interesting if i can work out other unknown keys and add the data i think it should be myself, hmm.

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6 hours ago, grahamparker said:

There are some keys that will not decode on any of those 5 cards that’s why the Magnum is such a valuable backup machine.

Looks like you are correct none of those key cards got all the measurements.

I decided to work out the measurements myself. I think it has turned out quite well :) just need to get the WJ1R blanks in and see if they cut correctly, fingers crossed


20181204_170129 1.jpg

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On 12/5/2018 at 12:13 PM, pomsecurity said:

Im sure you will suss it just like you can add your own brisant card :-D


I always like finding out and learning new things.

I've only ever had to do ultion U keys from the brisant section so far, are there more brisant cards than the ones that appear on the A9 Miracle :S

Anyway, I've made my first copy and it has came out great :) thanks for the help every1.

Just not sure how to price now, I'm think the same price as my ultion keys but since i had to do a lot more work for them i was thinking maybe making them dearer?

Any suggestions/advice/opinions?

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