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How to cut MulTlock SILCA MTK 4RP/JMA MUL-T3.P1 with Mustang?

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I'm wondering if I didn't get all the necessary cutters with my Mustang. I've got the cutters in the image below but NOT the third one in.

Is there a guide to doing these?

I find with dimple/laser keys you're sort of on your own with them - apart from this forum of course!


HH20301001 -80g-360元_1_2.jpg

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Mul-T-Lock has 2 cuts in each position. The cutter on the right in the pic cuts the outer cut, the 3rd one cuts the middle part.
You will need both to make working keys.

I don't have one of these machines , but i assume you would make the outer cuts first with the 2nd and 4th part in the picture.
Then cut the inside cuts with the 1st and 3rd. Do that on both sides of the key.

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Thanks very much to exp for this fantastic info.

Two things. 

1) I'm a bit confused because the key I was presented with, was a copy, cut on JMA MULT3P1, and didn't have any magnets in it! Unlike in Exp's pic.

2) I've had a look in my Mustang manual on page 4a and there was definitely not "no 3" type cutter supplied. Which surprises me as it shows all the other relevant cutters and tracers in the dual dimple section...if a picture would help I can supply one.



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The photo is only to explain the inner and out cuts of Mul-T-Lock keys . 

The key in the photo is patented and can not be copied , but you can copy not patented  Mul-T-Lock keys such as 7x7 type. 

All the above cutters are included with Mustang when bought new. They are all together in a pack of 4 separated from the rest of other cutters included with the machine. 

However, the number 3 cutter looks a slightly  different to the one in the photo, probably due to angle the photo taken. 

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