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Renovating Light Tan Shoes

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I have my own pair of Barker McLean shoes and they are a light tan.  However, While repairing them I've noticed they have picked up some dirty staining probaby from driving in them.

How can I best rejuvenate them do you think?  Especially removing the black mark?

2018-08-03 16.24.55.jpg

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Yeah I tried it just after posting.  Had thought it was much deeper ingrained.  Once tgat’s Done is there something else I could use to generally clean off the grime then nourish and re-polish?  What do you recommend.  I have very little shoe care here. 

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what about using saphir omni iv used on leather before it does come up really well then polish using saphir cream or maybe using the Saphir Renovatrice Renovating Cream to cover the black mark its a really good product just go carfeful not to get on suede.
this is the bumf of colledges website
Saphir Renovatrice Renovating Cream Tube 25ml
Concentrate of colour pigments. To cover scuffs, scratches, cigarette burns and to revive the colour of all smooth leathers : shoes, clothes, leather goods and furniture.
Remarks :
- complementary to shoe polish but no replacement.
- no colour discharge.
- perfect for partial renovation, not intended for regular care.
- It is possible to mix the 40 colours together. Test result on a piece of paper and let dry, because the shade will get slightly darker.
- can be eliminated with our RENOMAT 

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On 9/7/2018 at 9:16 PM, SteelCityShoes said:

Saphir Omni is for suede not leather and renovatrice is for covering small scuffs not large areas as it sets hard

i have used Omni on leather and it worked a treat... even removed red wine only reason i used it on leather was asked colledge rep for some recommendation on removing stain on some soft leather shoes customer used shoe stretch spray and it marked leather on outside having used the omni on the pale pink shoes and it took the mark out so altho i doesn't specifically say for leather its always worth a bash  

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