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Laser Engraving machines

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12 hours ago, ironplanet uk900 said:

Anyone had any experience with these much cheaper Laser machines you can buy from China, Belgium etc....


Looking at a 50/60w from abroad for £1,700

Or a 50w from Gravograph for £15,000

Surly there is a difference!!... or isn't there, you tell me.

as with any machine from china one company said to me some time ago "be prepared to replace" but five times cheaper? seems a none brainer to me..

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There's a Facebook group where a lot of people have these sort of machines.  It looks like they're not that simple to set up and take a bit of effort but if you have the patience they'll probably be OK.   With the Gravograph/Trotec ones, they work out of the box as they should do.  I would think for commercial use they'll also be a lot more reliable but they are a lot more expensive.  

Join the group and see what people are up too

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Re :)

the difference between a Chinese or not is not really the output power, which is measured at the output of the tube and that is the same because any powermeter is calibrated there are differences but 100mw max :), no problem c is the quality of the tube which is bad so the tube has a rotten crap and has more than 20cm of the exit of the tube we have optical noise more and more important and thus a significant divergence also of this as of 1metre ( with e optical path) we lose almost 5watt see more according to the tube! then the faiceaux is not perfect, the famous optical noise, so still loss has the collimation / focus :), a clean ray without too much optical noise requires a "perfect" tube and mirroir HR and OC specific and d a great preccision a good laser tube as caviters optics removable and fully adjustable because a laser cavity always deframes (dilation, shock, displacement) it makes lose mw see watts :) that's why a good tube is set once installed in fixed on the machine, and the least displacement the tube must be aligned :), then the qualiter of the materials used and the fact that of good tube one a reserve of rechargeable external gas gives a long life to the tube, well maintained tube will hold 50x more than a Chinese, so in the end if the purchase price seems high over time it is more interesting financially, not to mention that we can regazer almost indefinitely and a regazage c0² does not cost very expensive so the calculation over time is done quickly :)

la difference entre un chinois ou pas c'est pas réelement la puissance de sortie , qui est mesurée en sortie du tube et qui est la meme car tout powermeter est calibré il y as des difference mais de 100mw max :) , non le probleme c'est la qualiter des tube qui est mauvaise donc le tube as un faiceaux pourris et as plus de 20cm de la sortie du tube on as du bruit optique de plus en plus important et donc une divergence importante aussi de ce fait as + de 1metre ( avec e chemin optique ) on perd presque 5watt voir plus selon le tube ! puis le faiceaux n'est pas parfait , les fameux bruit optique , donc encore des perte as la collimation/focalisation :) , un rayon propre sans trop de bruit optique demande un tube "parfait" et des mirroir HR et OC spécifique et d'une grande préçision un bon tube laser as les optique de caviter démontable et entierement réglable car une caviter laser se déregle toujours (dilatiation , choc , déplacement ) cela fait perdre des mw voir des watts :) c'est pour cela que un bon tube est réglé une fois installé en fixe sur la machine , et le moindre déplacement le tube doit etre re aligné :) , puis la qualiter des materiaux utilisé et le fait que de bon tube on une reserve de gaz externe rechargeable donne une grande durée de vie au tube , bien entretenus un tube pro tiendras 50x plus que un chinois , donc au final si le prix d'achat parait elevé sur la durée il est plus interessant financierement , sans compter que on peu le regazer presque indéfiniment et un regazage c0² ne coûte pas très chère donc le calcul sur la durée est vite fait :)

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