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1 hour ago, cowers lane 583 said:

Thank you. But it's not really a case of me cutting or obtaining the key, but more where I should direct these agents, to a master locksmith, evva , back to the owner of the lock or possibly the internet.

I realised that, i get lots of Assa keys in and ring Keyprint or e-mail them they then point me in the direction of the correct stockist so i can give this information to my customer or order them myself if possible making a small profit from the job.

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Best thing is ring aldridge and press option 3. Give them the plan number which will start with EA if EPS (ends with EA if DPS) and they will tell you who they are registered to or if not registered you can order off them. For ASSA keys I ring ASSA direct on ‭020 8688 5191‬ and give them the plan number and they tell you instantly who it’s registerd to. Sometimes it’s easier to make a quick call and give the customer the details. Only takes a minute but the customer normally remembers when you’ve helped them out for free and returns in the future. 

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