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Need to get a bloody life.

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18 hours ago, grahamparker said:

I would love to buy a Yamaha 500 YPVS (i had a 350 brand new back in 1984) but it would probably result in ending my life.

Still thinking of getting one as an investment though as the price of these is rocketing problem is a decent one is north of 12k.


I rode one of those Graham, It was an animal.

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I got completely fed up sat in traffic about 10 years ago doing about 3. Mph in a very fast car and it’s fair to say traffic is about 5 times worse now that then maybe more.

the car cost a fortune and even had it been 100kplus I wouldn’t have moved any faster - motorcycle after motorcycle came passed and I remember that when I was younger (lot younger) I rode a bike because it was all I could afford 

so then took lessons direct access and then advanced training and now go France Portugal Spain and next year doing Europe 

changed my life and enjoy pottering about takes my mind off work hassles etc even my wife loves getting on the bike

thing is I’m on holidays now in Turkey NO bike :( but the wife insists and here I am looking at the forum lol

get a hobby outside the business “Live to Work or Work to Live”

your choice,,,,

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14 hours ago, Simes said:

They are great fun whatever model.  Mark 1’s have bottomed out and heading back up now.  I might get back what i’ve spent on it one day.

still loving the pop up headlights :D

Any plans to put a turbo or supercharger on it?

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