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Engraving into animal horn?

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Bit of a odd request this one. We have a shop near us that is selling animal horn tankards....game of thrones style sort of thing. All hand made to order. I have been asked if we can engrave onto them. Oddly enough never been asked to engrave into this sort of material. Has anyone had any experience in doing this? 


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Animal horn is bone, with an outer covering of keratin. It’s this outer covering  that is used for making drinking vessels. Keratin is the same material that you have on the ends of your fingers and toes . . . fingernails and toenails. They don’t contain any resin, but I’ve no idea whether they can be lasered. Have you got a spare fingernail that you could try it on? :smt018

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7 hours ago, Forest Cobbler said:

I thought that animal horn was similar to hair rather than bone. I agree with the keratin bit though.

Rhino horn is made entirely of keratin, which forms the outer casing of other animals’ horn.  Keratin is the same substance as hair and fingernails, but rhino horn does not have the internal bone structure that is found in other animals.

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