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Has anyone by any chance got....

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An original old school Yale cylinder key and an old school original chubb key from times before the 3G114 and 3G110 blanks for a project I am working on, 

Doesn't matter if they are cut keys.

Bit of a long shot for a bit of rubbish I know... but they say. 

One mans rubbish is another mans treasure.

And we are all experts in accumulating rubbish in this trade. 



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I don't know what I'm after exactly to post a pic of it.

Neither am I fussy, I'd just like one obsolete old school key for a yale cylinder and chubb deadlock  which were around from before my day. Something which if a customer were to bring it in one of our shops these days it would be a rare site to see.  

And happy to pay for the ball ache if anyone is kind enough to help out. 


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