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HPC code max

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I'm sure they stopped making these years.

Can anyone recommend where I can get my Codemax overhauled.

It will do 100's of the older keys like Silca DM1RP that my Keyline 994 won't.

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On 4/21/2018 at 2:49 PM, lock&quay said:

Are these still sold in the UK ?

Hi, We can still obtain these, But to be honest the Keyline Ninja Total - and not being Keyline Only, the Futura machine leave this old machine in the past . 

Even if the machine Jaws and qualitly matched these, the 2 machines have far far better software . 

HPC charge for their updates, als for the Futura 

Keyline Ninja Total software is Free for life, so again with this in mind the HPC CodeMax will outprice itself to the 2 machines in compertition with it . 

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