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Hi everyone,

I have been out of the picture for awhile due to family matters, and I have had this ADProo 100 for sale on this forum before, which I am still selling, see photos, below. However, apart from the silly low price, I am including in the £3500.00 (ono) numerous auto locksmith vehicle locks, chips, Lishi and Ford picking tools and other locksmith tools that are included in this price e.g,  the price includes the following decoders:

Safe Ventures Chubb 114.  Gjlock's;  Securefast, E*S and Eclipse.  A number of mortise and tumbler locks pick kits.  

The AD Pro with its software content is worth £12,000.00 at current retail prices! All this for £3000.00 is an excellent buy for a new start that you would be MAD not to consider!

I need to sell, due to family reasons, and it is now set at the lowest price I can realistically go.

Interested?  Call my Mble: 079345 57188.




A donation will be made to the forum on a successful sale.

AD100 Pro Case.JPG

AD100 Pro.JPG

Chubb1-78 Overthrowers.jpg

Chubb114 Decoder.jpg



AD100 Pro Software Lookup.jpg

Eclipse Decoder.jpg

ERA Profit.jpg

ES Decoder.jpg

HPC Car Opening Toolkit.jpg

Securefast Decoder.jpg

Union 1-15 Overthowers.JPG

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Hi, is it definitely the ad100 and not the mvppro?  what software is owned outright? 

Is there any token-based software on it?

Is there a smart dongle or smart aerial?

What cables are included and who is the account with? or the supplier?



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