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Anyone recognise this very narrow bodied cam lock

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Yes, it's a lowe and Fletcher lock you need to measure from the back of the head to the end for the size.


Remove circlip, insert LF4 blank, pull out the core, look at the height of the wafers 1 will be level, 2 slightly raised and 3 a little more. Or take a photo with a blank in of the core and i will cut you a key and post it or you can try cutting by eye it's not hard to do.

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Thanks, Graham, I thought it might be L&F. Unfortunately the lever is sort of permanently hammered on by way of bending over a metal lip. I've tried to prise it off carefully but it's not having it.


If I sent it to you might you be able to cut a key?



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If you have depth keys or a cut to code machine it is quite easy.


Clamp the lock in a vice so you can see into the key way then using a torch and and thin straight probe/pick go down to the bottom of the lock and slowly retract the probe, the wafers will drop back 1 by 1 and you will see the depths will be different.


Using a magnifying eye piece and torch is essential to see right to the bottom.


A small drop will be the 1 cut followed by the middle which will be a 2 cut and finally the one that drops the furthest will be a 3.


Lubricate the lock first so everything is moving smoothly then after 3/4 goes with the probe you will be able to read the depths.


You can do this on nearly any wafer type lock as long as you have identified it and have the correct blank for it.


On LF4 i can usually have a working key within 2 minutes.

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