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Credit card transaction, charging the customer.

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It was introduced because large companies were charging excessively.

I think what hasn’t been considered is that with something like a holiday, the bank charges can easily be absorbed, but in a small shop where people try and put silly amounts like 20p on a card, if we absorb the costs of that we will lose money.

So we can raise prices across the board, set a minimum charge or go cash only.

Any of those will cause us to lose customers

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Does it now mean it is illegal to offer a discount for cash. Earlier this week I had a customer, transaction came to £10.30. He was paying with a £20 note , and I was running really short on pound coins, so I just said " we'll call it a tenner!" Do I now have to go "On the Lam".

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I personally think it’s up to a business how it makes money it’s what we are in business to do.its up to consumers to decide is you are value for money and to make the decision on using your services or not. If a business charges you £10, 1% or nothing to use a card that should be entirely up to them.


I’d been charging 50p on transactions under £10.00 this was enough to cover the costs of offering a card facility to all my customers and no one ever minded. Now I have to foot yet another cost to please “them” everyone wants a peice of the pie when you work for yourself

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On 19/02/2018 at 11:03 PM, DavebOY said:

It was a gangster term used here in the colonies.

Did we import it form you too?


Great, never really thought of myself as "Gangster". I will maintain my new gangster persona by doing a substandard job next time I'm down to clean my local church.

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