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Rather large bill

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theres a good few of them about , some eastern european outfits , leo locks that have just changed name again and a host of others .


but you may be judging the firm unfairly , he may have had to drill and may have struggled if one of those locks defended by special metal , and the lock he fitted may be gold plated and jewel encrusted.


if they have quoted prior to work commencing and the price was accepted , then they may be legally ok though morally despicable .


customer should get quotes from reputable locksmiths based on same time and same parts , then contact trading standards 

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I think you have in mind Mark Makowski I don't think it was him. He hanged himself.

I do not know how people have the front to even try and explain these costs.

Last night at 6.30pm I took a call a gentleman had returned home to find he had picked up the wrong set of keys. He is a diabetic pensioner and a neighbour found him sitting on the floor outside his flat having let him into his block of flats. I attended, slipped the latch on his lock and we found the set of keys he should have picked up and put the keys onto an oversize key ring to help him identify the keys he should take out with him. He was confused and in need of help, he asked how much. I did not want to charge him anything but I recognise that they want to pay something so I said ten pounds, he said can I give you twenty pounds? He pulled out his wallet and it was empty. His neighbour gave me the twenty pounds. 

None of us know what life has in store for us and every time I hear of bills like this I think of my Dad and I would not like anything like this to happen to him.


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The end of last summer a disabled guy near me, through his hand trembles broke the key in his euro cylinder - called someone out and in the meantime called a mutual friend because he was getting cold - They waited about 1.5 hours.

When the arse arrived, he spoke little english other than  - 'this big job, muchwork init' he quoted £212.50 to drill the lock and it was designed to be anti drill and he would have to replace the lock and the key for another £200 all plus vat.

Our mutual friend called me to verify I told they to F him off.

The bloke threw a huge wobbly buy my friend is large - so he drove off swearing.

I popped over and removed the broken key with a pair of tweezers and they used the spare key in the keysafe.

Trouble is a rod for my back- I no longer do  locksmithing only auto door operators, organise shows, do Drone surveys.

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This is the reason we have brought out the 'Find a Locksmith' app to try and avoid situations like this!

It is a joke that there are no regulations on what qualifications a locksmith has to have, or who can call themselves a locksmith!

The only way we can try and protect customers against this is with our Tradelocks TL Approved Scheme on the app. Each of the TL approved locksmiths on the app are either members of the MLA (so have to go through yearly tests) or have proved to us that they are a competent locksmith with proof and certificates of approved locksmith courses they have attended!

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Such silly bills are not a new thing at all , in fact they are common across many trades , see them regular from some builders, roofers , driveways , plumbers , electricians , drain clearing firms , even some garages . where ever the potential exists for someone to be in a desperate position , you will also find sharks circling to exploit them by either ripping them off with bodged jobs or over inflated prices .

this extends to many aspects of big business too , oil , fuel , utilities , medicines etc etc . sharks are everywhere .


they have been around in the locksmith trade for as long as i can remember , and will no doubt be around for many more years to come preying on the vulnerable . the only way you stop it is to educate the public about prices and about their 7 day cooling off period if they have not signed to waive it , plus it helps if locksmiths answer their phone out of normal hours , many dont , but the sharks do .

i see new bills being put up almost weekly online .


trading standards for some reason , probably budget related dont seem to be on this at all and should be , after all their role is to protect the consumer , i can understand lack of funding to mount investigations , but when they have an itemised invoice where £345 has been charged for a lock , unless gold plated and jewel encrusted , its pretty obvious its a scam , so should be an easy case , unless this was quoted and and accepted then it becomes greyer .


but all the time theres vulnerable or desperate people , there will always be such sharks , even if they licence locksmiths .

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Mick said making a rod for my own back. There is also a saying "No good deed goes unpunished".

12.30 pm today I get another call from a different neighbour. The gentleman had done it again, picked up the wrong set of keys and locked himself out. Could I get him back in his flat again?

Rather than see this vulnerable person fall into the clutches of a scam locksmith off I go again.

This time no payment, this was a different neighbour who disappeared once the door was open.

I thought I had it sorted by putting his keys on two oversize key rings and a attaching a label to them and leaving this by his front door. He really is in need of some sort of support from social services. He hardly said a word, not even thank you.


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