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ours is linked constantly to the wifi and assume it will be ok

can someone clarify this?

carry on![/quote


Yes,mine is always connected.The latest update was applied just s few weeks ago. Its been working fine until this morning (m box) with the message'missing server connection '. Wether on wifi or plugged in. Just will not connect to the Silca servers.

I've taken box home tonight to see if a different internet connection makes a difference. And it don't.

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As long has the SW version is 1.1.0 it should be ok. But I have the latest software and I have service unavailable on my M-Box this morning. I have the current 04..05.090. Also my Smart Remote Programmer is not working to it’s not connecting on the Silca side too.

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I'm glad it's not just me then.

I spent a good part of yesterday and last evening trying to find a solution to no avail.

No word from silca about this as I'm convinced now it's a problem with their servers.

Would be nice to know when a fix is available.

I'm losing 2-3 jobs a day because of this.

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