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Mvp with smart dongle

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Thanks for your input. Don't see how vat can be claimed back if your not vat registered?


If you go on to hickleys and try and buy the same package comes out at £3480 (including vat)


Obviously if it's priced to high I will amend but from what I can gather it's a fair price.


Cheers Scott

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Fair enough but there are a lot of machines hitting the market so you might find it difficult to sell when you put no offers as your are ruling out someone offering £2499.99p.


I can order a new one without paying a penny for the first 3 months if i needed one.


Tell me more?...  I am interested in one but cant afford the 3k up front atm

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many suppliers now offer 12 month interest free finance and lease options too.


personally if considering investing in mvp pro id be waiting until the MLA show , 1 to see what show deals are available and 2 to see whats new and on the horizon from advanced diagnostics which may sway or influence your decision making , and shows only weeks away now.


i suspect there will be plenty of deals on mvp pro both new and 2nd hand in the comming months .

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I have to say that apart from being reluctant to use the MVPpro on late VAG, most of the time it seems to work great these days on anything I have had need to use it on.  Any major advantages with the new kit that's available that I'm missing out on?  I use MVPpro, SKP900 and Truecode mostly.

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