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Err its been up a while - http://shoerepairer.info/topic/21674-cutting-edge-show-sept-24th-2017/?hl=cutting+edge



Plus if you are interested in visiting the bikes Saturday or Sunday just say you are attending the Cutting Edge Show and entry will be half price


Peter, you know what I think of the effort you personally put in, but your first post was on 11th February and the next was on 17th August, do you think that is enough promotion for the 'NATIONAL EXHIBITION'?


I don't, but it is the responsibility of Cutting Edge to promote it, not just you!

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to be fair if Lee was still in charge it probably would be on here as he would be pushing it but alas he isnt

in saying that i dont see the mla show at telford being pushed by site admin either

just a thought 

carry on!

Hi. We don't have anything to do with the MLA, nor have we exhibited there in quite a while.


We have opted for our own Open Days which we take around the country (next one being in Manchester on Sat 11th November - it will be advertised once everything is finalised.)


If the MLA want to advertise their exhibition on the site then they are more than welcome to.

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maybe a section or area for exhibitions and events could be included on the site somewhere with an updated list of up coming industry events , im sure the info of dates times etc could be simply listed for anyone interested .


But what is quite shocking is that the organisers are not posting and promoting this , MLA heavily promote their show online and across social media , mick promotes his show on various forums and social media , so the organisers should be posting about this here and elsewhere.


im sure had cutting edge contacted the forum admin then this could have been implemented with announcements on the forum as well as with write ups and announcements in the magazines run by them too as an added medium , this would have been an excellent outlet to promote the exhibition to a wide audience , but would take some communication by the organisers . Maybe food for thought for next year , as they could supply announcements , articles and industry news via the forum and its associated magazines quite simply . this would be an excellent way to promote the events and the organisation as well as provide regular industry relevent articles for the forum and magazines.


just takes communication and a little working together.

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if communication prevails between organisers and forum admin then it could be beneficial for both , organisers get free announcements , promotion and coverage in the magazines and the forum , the forum admin can get some worthwhile industry articles and guides they have been seeking , seems like a natural win win for both as well as forum members and those that read the magazines being better informed and with some relevent reading matter.

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