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Advice needed on security padlock

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Had a few attempted breakins lately, fortunately for me my current security held up. But that's no reason to ignore the god damn thieving scrotes.


Since the first break in attempt


I've had 2 shutters welded shut that were on the side of the building and someone is coming soon to reinforce them in the next few days

Front window shutter has had a reinforced bottom bar fitted but I still feel a bit exposed so I've ordered 12 twisted security bars that I'm gonna bolt to the inside of the all the windows in case they get past the shutters


I've had another alarm fitted and a metal grill put over the bell box to protect from it from vandalism, although the w@nkers have already been back 2 days later and tryed getting the grill off (I can only assume so they could rip the bell box off the wall then work on the shutters) thankfully they only got one screw out, guess what? the welder will be bolting the grill on and welding the grill shut soon as well.


I have a very good steel 5 point locking door fitted with a federal lock (they tryed getting through this last year and failed so I went with the same cylinder), then theres a roller shutter over the door (which I had fitted last year after the first break in attempt), but as we all know some manual shutter locks aint that great, so the next thing I'm doing is getting my fabricator/welder to position a removeable steel bar in front of the shutter lock which will be secured to the left and right of the shutter.with high security padlocks.


So on to my question to the knowledgeable folk of the forum


What is the biggest badest padlock I can get


I'm talking about the Holey Grail of padlocks here the toughest material with the best cylinder inside it, a padlock so strong that Superman, Thor and Zeus combined would think twice about tackling !!


And if anyone has any more ideas feel free to throw them my way all advice is welcome I'm told it is frowned upon if I electrify the whole damn building so that option is out

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Any padlock that is CEN grade 6 will do, but with a cordless grinder and the right cutting disc NOTHING will withstand this. I have cut off a few CEN grade 6 padlocks and trust me it is no where near

as hard as you may think (again with the knowledge of where to cut and what you use).


Saying that an Abus 37/80, Squire SS65CS, Federal 740P, Union 1K12 or Union 1K57 should fit the bill with the correct security padbar.

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You've got CCTV, right?


If not, DO NOT buy any Swann coax crap - get IP cameras. Hikvision stuff is brilliant. Happy to advise on a good budget system if you want advice. The police occasionally look at my footage and say it's the best they've ever seen - and I only spent about £500 on it.



Cameras already cover the outside which have 24 hour monitoring by one of those big security centres, the landlords have invested many thousands in cameras and monitoring. We recently had a problem with a sensor which didnt help in raising awareness, the camera simply recorded what was happening and didn't alert anyone. Due to the fact the pub opposite had complained about external lighting the car park lights never got planning permission to be used after a certain time (my unit is in the corner of said car park) ........another small thing that does not help.


I would have liked my own CCTV one of those that alerts and links to your mobile phone, but we dont have and cant get a landline in my unit (big long story) and I'm told this complicates things for a good camera system but not sure where to start with it, any help muchly appreciated m8. 

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What are you selling that they are so desperate to get???


Sounds like moving shop to nicer area might be a better option!



Its a mixture of reasons that makes me quite a big target m8


The construction of my building that looks appealing to them, its a portable office I had sited in a wholesalers car park (much the same as a Timpson POD with Tesco) obviously as previously mentioned its been heavily modified to help combat the gypos and smack rats


The location is bangin through the day but pretty quiet at night (out of town) and the lighting issue as mentioned in an earlier post


Mostly though its the e-liquid and devices I stock that they are after - that side of the business now eclipses keys, engraving, watches and dry cleaning by at least 3 fold. I suppose they also hope of getting takings and a float, but thats not gonna happen as it all comes home with me every night and thrown in my bedroom safe.


Hoping to stock half decent watches for Christmas as well (£60-£250 price range) I guess that's gonna make me an even bigger target


If only there was a sprinkler system available that hooked up to a couple of PIR's and sprayed out nitromors :)

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On from Grahams post and to add to your worries have a look at:


I am just trying to cheer you up.



For the love of god and all that is holey, all my efforts mean nowt :) 


I was joking about the nitomors earlier but seriously thinking of painting it on the welded bits on the side shutters now lol

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