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Gravogrip vs Seklema multi-mat

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A little over a year ago, Gravotech had a 50% off sale on gravogrip so I got some for my two IS900's. 25x17 Table. I was using Rowmarks multimat before since it was so cheap but it was awful for holding down the applique with the adhesive paper on the back and didn't last long. Granted, it was a fraction of the price. I do a lot of cutouts and need a mat that can hold down the applique. The gravogrip mat on one of my IS900's is still working well but the other mat is not working well and I already had to flip it over and use the other side 6 months ago. Now the other side is failing so I'm looking for a new mat. The Seklema mat is cheaper and I've heard good things but was wondering how it compares to the gravogrip? Will it hold down the 1/32 plastic applique with the adhesive paper backing? Any input on the quality of the Seklema multi-mat would be appreciated. I really would rather avoid paying full price for the gravogrip. Thanks for your help!

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