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Key cutting shortcut - anyone tried this?

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Twice a year, we usually receive an order for 500 keys, for a little switch or something.


It's tedious work, and it contributes little to my dream of an Aston Martin - these are cheap keys.


To speed up the cutting for what I suspect is a forgiving lock, could one not load 2 blanks at the same time?


It should be possible to calculate the inaccuracy this would produce.

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Did that once when we had 2500 Cisa 5 pin keys to cut, had to adjust the cutter depth by about 20/30 thou to make sure depth was ok.


Using 2 machines we managed to pin up 35 cylinders k.a. cut,brush,check count and box up everything in a single day.


That was over 20 years ago and it still feels like yesterday one of the most laborious tasks we have undertaken.

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You mentioning rushing leads to the next shortcut:


I have not yet not brushed cylinder keys. Big amounts of tiddler keys I would just shake, rattle and roll in a box, so that they take off swarf and pointiness by themselves. 


That seems to work, haven't dared it with cylinder keys yet

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