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Carbide cutter sharpening??

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Boxed them and sent them to Mastergrave, of course when I tidy my desk I find a nameplate I missed, customer is fine though, text her when it's ready...


thanks for the replies...


So you don't keep a spare? What if they get lost in the post? What if they can't be sharpened?

Problem looking for somewhere to happen.

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Fortunately I'm not a pessimistic kind of guy, I'm confident they will get back to me.


I run a small mail order company and have sent over 300 parcels in the last 6 months, none of them have been lost.




Maybe, but life is too short for what if's, what about's and doing things in dribs and drabs...

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I'm looking through old threads on this topic - I will send some blunt cutters/tips to Pantograph Services or Mastergrave. I still have a couple questions

A few people have mentioned that they do sharpening in-house - what machine is used for this? is it something like a tormek grinder with a jig, or a more specialised tool?

Also, is there anywhere to buy the gravograph twin-cut inserts, other than direct from Gravograph? [and any idea on their price? not sure if it's worth the hassle of swapping tips if only saving a few quid]


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I brought a Tormek T8 a few months ago from www.axminster.co.uk   I phoned them first and said I would like a demo they spent best part a hour with me . And after the demo i new it was easy and a profitable business, since then I have sharpened  well over a 150 knives and starting to get a few tools in too i.e. Chisels, Axes etc etc .

hope this helps 

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