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HI, I recently purchased a really old Auto Soler shoe finisher.  I want to say it is a Tone Master model from 1966.   I fixed some things that were wrong with it but now that I am going to run it, I am not sure about what voltage it needs.   The plug is a regular 110 plug but the guy who sold it to me said that he thought maybe it was supposed to be 220.   Does anyone know anything about these machines or how I could deduce from a plate on a motor what it is supposed to be?  They all seem to say 115/230.   There is a motor for the sander, a motor for the vacuum and a motor for the brushes.   All can be switched on separately.   The motor for the brushes seems to have its own power cord.   The other two are tied into one power cord, that is thick, but still 110.   

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You need to know more than that, each motor will have a plate with the spec. 115/230 sounds like a dual voltage 3 phase motor for the US market in which case it will alsop be 60hz. I'm guessing from your description though you are American based?


The motor plate should say the voltage (115/230) the phase ( 1 or 3 ) and the Hz ( 50 or 60 )


If they are 3 phase then you need to check the wiring for the voltage they are set to, where you put the cable inside the box on the motor it will have 3 link plates that will be either parallel or in series to give voltage but should be marked inside the lid.

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