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motorised gravograph pantograph engraver plus letter sets

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Gravograph pantograph engraver with motor,several sets of letters(5)

several jigs & a set of cones.

all very good condition

looking for £800 or offers

collection from Worcester

message for pics as inherited retardedness on dads side means that I cant figure out how to upload....




HUZZAH! it seemsi may now be the clevererest one in the family....



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I have a Scripta pantograph available if anyone is looking for one. There is about 5 sets of letters with this and some other bits and pieces which are not in the attached photos. This has been stored in my garage for the past few years as i don't use it anymore. Welcome to offers.

panto 1.jpg

panto 2.jpg

panto 3.jpg

panto 4.jpg

panto 5.jpg

panto 6.jpg

panto 7.jpg

panto 8.jpg

panto 9.jpg

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I have just acquired a Scripta GX 500 just did not come with the cones etc. for printing on round surfaces. I would really appreciate if someone could advise how this side of the machine works so that I can restore. I see a geared hand wheel below the right side cone hole (see red circle in attached image) and was wondering how this works.

Any assistance much appreciated.


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