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Integrator - are these still restricted or blank available?  Also are the side cuts a gimmick?



I would really appreciate, if anyone has time, an overview of which Mul-T-Lock keys are possible to cut with a manual laser/dimple cutter and which blanks are needed to do 'em. I am finding that a lack of Mul-T-Lock specific knowledge is really holding us back....

I appreciate this is a bit of an ask (if you don't already have this information collated) so I'd either be willing to pay for this information or to make a donation to a charity of your choice.

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I had a look at the Keyline manual - maybe I'm looking at the wrong file - but it doesn't seem to be of much use in figuring out which blanks go with which locks, which ones are popular, which ones you'd need a special Mul-T-Lock machine for and whether the side cuts are gimmicks or not.


So my offer still stands!

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LOL side cuts are gimmicks. Biggest laugh i have had in weeks.


Mul t lock side cuts are there for a reason.


You can cut the Classic and Garrison and a few other profiles but thats it.


Interactive might be available as it is now out of protection but there are no blanks available unless you are using dodgy links from Isreal unless someone else knows different.


There is always the option of chucking £10k + at mul t lock and becomming an authorised stockist.

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