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Whip round - thank you.

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Hi Everyone


I've just spent the afternoon with StevenB who brought the money raised in a whip round for me after I departed!


It was quite unexpected and I'd like to thank anyone who gave a something towards it.


Over the past few years things have been tricky for me I'd struggled for a bit and accumulated a bit of debt which the sale of the site cleared and with a surge in turnover from bike repairs things really are back on the straight and narrow so it will be lovely to have a little wind fall to do something nice with my family.


Since leaving the administration of the site I've not let the grass grow under my feet and last week my boys and I finished a bit of a refit here.


I felt over the past 12 months or so shoe repairing was the past and bikes the future and my shop was cramming in the future in an old designed shop.


However the refit has brought both walks of life together perfectly and now I feel back in the present again with things picking up in all directions.


So here's what I've been doing!













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I didn't know you were having troubles.


Glad you are back enjoying yourself and getting the money back in.


I threw a bit in as a thank you for setting the site up, (something I've not done before because payments reveal my real name) but it's worth doing as I've learned a lot over the years that I would never have the chance to learn from my employers.


Thank you and good luck.

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