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Silca Twister vs RST Mustang vs SKS Panther

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Planning to get one of these, does any one of them can do more than the other one?

Prices are very close.

It looks like you can get loads of different attachement for Silca Twister and able to cut different types of keys.

RST Mustang probably my favourite due to number of items included and looks very compact.


Your thoughts please




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TRIAX - what I have to do to be able to afford one?..........??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


I want one!


RST Mustang it is then


Only cost £8500 + vat with my discount also got a couple of jaws and cutters thrown in. That was about 8 years ago so a good solid investment.


It's cut just over 5600 keys so more than paid for itself.

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I have the HD/keyline  punto set up for laser cuts on the magnum /yale type keys & the RST mustang set up for dimple cuts . The RST has a lot more adjustment & extras, very pleased with the quality .. The punto has never let me down over 12 years but not as adaptable .

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