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Defect - worth returning?

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I recently purchased a pair of boots.  Given how expensive these were, my intention is that they should have a long life provided I can resole them and have them fixed by my local cobbler when needed.  That said, there seems to be a small break where the leather meets the sole and another small break on the sole itself.  The break on the sole is very minor.  I don't know if these would compromise the ability of a cobbler to resole the boot - if they can be resoled regardless of these minor (?) defects, I'm okay keeping them.  So, my question is - should I send them back to the manufacturer, or are these only aesthetic defects.  Picture attached.


Thorogood 1892 Portage boots.


Thanks for any guidance - greatly appreciated.




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Think we need to see some more general pictures of the boots. That looks like possibly the mock welt breaking, this essentially only a piece of ascetic trim to look like real stitching. How much were they? If the boot is actually a resin rubber soled mock welt jobby then I doubt they are worth much to begin with. A mockwelt will usually stay on the shoe when repairing if this has to be repaired aswell it will be additional work and the job will be priced accordingly - At my place anyway. Some will not bother touching the welts and everyone will have there own prices and quality accordingly.

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Thank you Mathews for the quick and detailed reply. I've dealt with Thorogood in the past and I suspect they'd let be exchange them, but that means time and money. I paid $275 - a lot for me, so I want to get this right! Thanks again!




I can send more pictures of my boots and the spot in question if that helps.

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