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been trying to get hold of zip like this one can order from america but ideally would like one from uk with less postal time scale iv got 14days to complete job customer wants the same zip iv tried offering metal teeth zip as that would be easiest option william-gee does them wanting time 5weeks thanks


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I have no idea where you can get that zip from.


And I'm sorry if this is a threadjack but does anyone know where I can get a YKK no5 zip in antique silver?

Cant find any online but you could try calling YKK doubt they will sell you small qauantitys direct but might be able to point you in the dirfection of a wholesaler.

YKK UK LTD tel: 01928 593800

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They are in USA and because I didn't place my order with them because Cromwell found a zip in this country they sent me email offering postage cheaper.



I am Martin, a manager of Zipper and Thread.

I see your abandoned checkout and I guess the reason is high shipping cost. If you still want the item, I would like to send you via ‘International Mail, which is about $5.oo.

Please, let me know your thought.



I thought it was good of them.

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