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ASDA key cutting - they now have key machines and boards !

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They could have Silca Triax, Unocodes and Idea machines. Still no good if the user is an idiot without any skill or knowledge.


No Asda operator is going to have my 36 years experience and know how.


They had Silca machines and boards in our local B and Q until they ditched them but we did really well as they sent most

customers to us as they could not identify even the most basic of key blanks.

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local timpson former shoecare branch has rw4 plus m box , as far as asda goes its operated by photome and they currently have little idea to worry most , thats not to say they wont train and grow , just because timpson make a success of supermarket outlets doesnt mean photome will

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In our Asda & the range stores

They have a key me cutting service

3 keys for £10.00

& all the keys used are stamped YALE both cylinder & mortice

As far as I'm aware that Asda sold there photo developing

Side to photo me what also includes key me

We have been getting there keys in or should I say there customers for a wile as the wait time

( normally one guy operating the photo serv & scratching his head to work out what key to use )

& for the keys what don't work & just as I said

Just got another one in


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Photo Me have bought the rights to the ASDA photo centres across the country - I believe the contract is for 10 years. They are based over in France, and before taking over the photo centres they supplied the passport booths you see knocking about.


ASDA always used the automatic machines from 'My Key Machine' as they were put in free and they shared a split of the profit (they used to cut 3 keys for £10). Photo Me wanted to retain 100% of the profit and so changed the way of working.


As they are based in France, they went through a French distributor to order Keyline Carat machines for the stores, as well as the Bianchi key reader. 


The blanks they currently have are supplied through a UK supplier though!

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