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Migrains and key cutting advice please

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Hi, I have a member of staff who is itching to be taught how to cut keys (Household, Mortice and Cylinder). There is no doubt that she would be very good at it. BUT Being very prone to migrains we are both concerned that the nature of watching a spinning wheel etc, could either trigger migrains or cause any other problems. So if anyone has experience, advice, suggestions etc. I would be very pleased to hear..Thanks in advance

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I had  an employee who suffered these, and worked with me for about 15 years - he found that it was more about controlling his diet than any medicine for instance, Chocolate if he cut it out of his diet he would have less migraines but oddly if he woke with a bad one, Chocolate would act better than Paracetemal ??  He also cut keys, but each person would have the 'defence' saying there's was different - personally i would ask them to choose another career for their health reasons.

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I get migraines, not so many now as I used to, thankfully, but I have been cutting keys for the best part of 40 years and have never found the sight of a spinning blade to set one off. Mine are mainly caused by stress or over tiredness.


Then again, we're all different. I would let your employee have a go and just keep an eye on whether there's any correlation between migraines and how many keys she's cut beforehand.


Good luck.

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