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looking for M8 key pro key programmer

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i suspect AD have finally managed to halt production of this , top marks to them if they have.


its chinese counterfeit , so you pay your money and take your chances with it , ive seen posts on them where they have died , but plenty say its good which it should be if a copy of mvp pro , but is 3 or more years out of date now but from what i read some last and some die.


MVP pro has moved on considerably since the counterfeit version , so id stick to original as far better and more up to date.

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the trouble with counterfeit products is they have no support , if they die its an arm and a leg to send back for repair and not unusual to never see it again once sent back . its very cheap , but does have negatives . also if chinese stop selling the tokens for it too then all units have a limited life .


buy original mvp pro and as much token free kit like truecode as you can for token savers , or if busy enough get an unlimited plan , at least with original you have warranty , extended warranty , support and most important updates .


china is cheap and the lure strong , but many do come unstuck 

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all good diagnostic kit is dearer than chinese counterfeit kit , but unlike counterfeit goods original equipment has development cost and has to supply updates , warranty and support , a counterfitter just steals what they can and sells cheap with no warranty and no support, and often as little as 40% of the claimed coverage works.


the cost of an mvp is just the tip of the iceburg , 1 programmer is not enough as they all have their strengths and weaknesses so to avoid fails and walk aways multiple options are required , then stock and equipment on top , the mvp pro is actually just a small part of the investment needed .


i always advise good token free coverage , as a token free unit at some time pays back and moves into profit , a token unit always has token costs or unlimited use scheme costs which can make you non competative against token free competitors .


you need to consider what it is you want coverage on , and what coverage you expect on vehicles to match the correct kit for you your needs and your expectations , if mvp pro is the kit for you then is it more cost effective on tokens or unlimited use , this depends on how many jobs a day you do with it .


you then need to decide how important support is to you , for when things go wrong , how important a warranty or extended warranty is when it breaks down , and how important updates are to keep working on future models rather than just being stuck on older models .


there exists some very good china kit that isnt a counterfeit product they do have some excellent kit they have developed , handy baby , vvdi 2 and vvdi mb tool come to mind , but despite being good original developments , support is lacking as is good manuals for use , especially with tools like vvdi where so many problems can be created if you dont know your systems .

theres also alot of poor kit from china , some that simply doesnt do all it claims to the extreme of some that bricks the car you plug it into , but as chinese your on your own with the fall out or losses.


cost is only dear if you cant make it pay its way , ie if busy enough it pays back quickly if not busy enough its a slower process , but as with running any business , you rely on your investments paying their way and being reliable , something you cant guarantee from china , the old saying of buy cheap buy twice springs to mind.

also regarding cost , for any business , the purchase of business assets is tax deductable and is eventually reclaimed .


you really need to look at , what coverage you require , ie makes , models and years , all key lost work or just spare key work , then look at current knowledge of car systems , immobilisers and keys so you know what you can cover without additional training and support if you hit issues you cant resolve , then what kit and investment is needed to meet your needs and what kit suits them best .

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