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Staff attendance

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If you want something free you could set up a calendar/spreadsheet on Excel, or there is software for rota planning/tracking. In larger companies, I've seen systems where you clock in/out with a fob.


I suppose it largely depends on what shifts people do, we're all on full and fixed days so it's easy enough just to make a note on the calendar if there is anything out of the ordinary.

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My 1 member of staff in 8 years has never been in on time - finally got rid of him November last year - believe me I've bollocked him , docked pay ....everything - he just didn't care - sometimes an hour late ......im happier now , but working 6 full days on my own .....

One of mine went 'fishing' every time it was a warm sunny day, regardless on whether anyone was in or not - sacked him after only 6 months working for me and he took me to a tribunal which went on for 2 years

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