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Cutting Edge Bristol - Next Sunday

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Hi Chris, glad you got a stand look forward to meeting you. Steel City this is a more local feel sized down exhibition, all the main players but no big stands, for instance we should be showing our steam clean machine and photo system but no big shoe repair machines this time. It gives those that can't travel further the chance to chat. The national show is scheduled for 24th September at the national Motorcycle Museum, Coventry - I'm going a couple of days early!! :)

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ps. If you didn't realise about the Cutting Edge Spring Show at the Aztec West Hotel Bristol on 19th February it must mean you don't get a copy of the brilliant FREE quarterly CE magazine. If you aren't on the mailing list for some reason just let me know (pm or email) and you will be added to make sure you get a copy.  peter@siserve.co.uk

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that carpet!


Was a pain, brand new and just fluff coming up all over the place!!


Our of curiosity, what was the attendance?


Checked and although don't have the exact figures it looks like we had 150 pairs of feet through the door from over 50 different companies which is very good for a mini exhibition

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