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My local Asda has just started cutting keys under the Photo me consesion, they only have 1 small board of cylinder blanks at the moment.


Has anyone had any dealings with them?


Do you think they are testing the waters before investing more?


I'm up for a good old fight anyway👊

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now morrisons has put (the my key machine ) in next to me 1st off i was shitting myself after 20yrs of competing with the worlds worst and cheapest repairer i thought i had it made ? then in comes the , my key machine hurt a little bit but not the end of the world , cant wait for the timpsons branch ? im sure they will teach me the meanining of quality shoe repairing? in fairness this is only the 1st genaration whats next?

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So today I popped in to introduce myself and direct any keys they can't do up to me. The girl that cuts the keys is only in on a Friday and the others haven't had training yet.

The company 'Photo Me' is a separate company from Asda. They bought out the photo side from Asda for £5.35 million, they have a 10 year concession.

I imagine they will be trying everything to earn a penny after spending that amount.

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My local Sunlite Dry Cleaners used to cut keys, they had at least 12 boards, went in yesterday and all the Key Cutting stuff gone.

they approached me 4yrs ago could i show them how to cut keys i went all brand new boards in the back shop think they had cut 3 , a smart move on the rep who sold them the gear
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