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@petercoulson  this machine is fast becoming the pain in my backside, started playing up again, I used it last week and it stitched 1 shoe perfectly, then decided to break every few stitches after that. To be honest it is very rarely used in the factory and although I make sure all the parts are well oiled and the thread is pulling through the wax pot ok, it still continues to play up, it's a Pederson Rapid. in terms of the needle and awl can you tell me the best way of setting them please and also how big the gap should be between them? Many thanks Derek

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Although this is a goodyear the principle is the same for setting the needle - notice how close the looper is to the hook that holds the thread back then where it wraps around the needle - 

As for the gap there is no right or wrong but I find they work better when you bring the awl to about 1mm away from the needle at it's closest



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