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BKS Profile Rekey help needed

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OOPS, that title should read as BKS Profile  Cylinder Rekey Help Needed


Howdy Folks,


Asking for your help again, for something that is old hat for you,


Please note that we see mainly top loading or simple pinning shoe pinning in the US,  nothing out of the ordinary until today,


One of the members on our  forums has a,


BKS Profile cylinder to rekey,


he has an operating key,


it is a Yale keyway,


He was able to remove the thumb turn end but cannot figure out how to remove the cylinder plug side for repinning,


I have not seen one like this, nor have I found any information on disassembly so far,


These are the only photos he has,


He says the plug will not move out when turned and is under the assumption a special tool is maybe needed to remove the driver cam first ??


I was thinking there may be an anti plug pull pin installed and the plug needs to be turned to a certain position or pin somehow removed to remove the plug, but is a wild guess on my part,


Any help on disassembly for repinning is greatly appreciated,


if you can describe the technique or know of written or video instructions, or an exploded parts view, it would be greatly appreciated,


I have today joined Island Locks but have not gone through the archives or posted yet, as there may be information there also,


Thanking You In Advance Again for your help




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normally if the profile cylinder is not top loading ( plastic cap, set screws ) we we would use a pinning shoe as in the attached scan,


but apparently that is not the case  here, it appears the brass ring and or cam actuator somehow needs to be removed first ??

pinning shoe0010.jpg

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