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static electricity shocks

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Static electricity shocks have been an occasional problem with our sand blasting machine, and usually I just put up with them. But this morning I engraved the back of a mirrored plaque and was getting little shocks in my arms & hands pretty much all the time. I've got about 60 more of these plaques to do and I'm not looking forward to being shocked for that amount of time.


Do you think it might be because of the mirrored backs that it was so much worse? And can anyone suggest a way to combat it?


Thanks, Valerie 

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We've put some thin rubber sheeting around the armholes and that does seem to have helped get rid of the static when I'm doing normal glassware.


But if I'm doing the mirror plaques I can still feel that the static is there, though it's more like a tapping so long as I keep my fingers on the edges. If I wrap my fingers a bit further round so that I touch the mirrored surface then there are constant sparks 2 or 3 times a second.  

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